I am a holistic life coach

"I am a holistic life coach with expertise in pushing boundaries and creating sustainable change.  I found that I had the ability to set an intention and achieve it within a short period of time.   I went from living from pay cheque to pay cheque, to home owner within 3 months.    I was freehold within 2.5 years.  

My name is Kate Graham, I am a solo mother of two children and whilst there is nothing special about me, there is everything special about me.    My journey hasn't been an easy one, and it started by acknowledging that I wanted more than groundhog day, feeling unfulfilled, and allowing others to determine my outcomes.   I made a conscious decision for change and while I didn't know what the ending would look like, I knew that without beginning there would be no ending.  To get ahead, I needed to move at a different pace, in a different direction mentally, physically, geographically and energetically, because doing the same thing but expecting a different result was madness.  

For me, this meant that I had to look outside of the box, driven by goals and intentions. 

 Quickly the way started to open up for me.   On a Whim was born out of my desire to go from broke to freehold in the shortest time frame possible.  The art of creating necklaces and earrings from a slice of nature encased in resin, enabled me to sit with my thoughts, find connection, come to life changing realisations, share with others my goals and provided the financial ability to realise my dreams.  

The next two year was filled with extreme highs, extreme lows, laughter, tears, many fails, and many wins.  During that time, I found reliable and dependable mindsets I could use, and I also found strategies to understand myself better, and minimise the behaviours and habits that were making me fall.  I learned to appreciate myself for all of me, because I started to uncover strengths and lengths I could go to, that I didn't know I had.  

I continue to go from strength to strength and I now have a proven, reliable toolbox that I want to share with you as we exceed your expectations together."



Live or exist?
You are only limited by your mind. 

Kate Graham



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